Bulletproof Firestarting Kit

Camping is just sleeping in a tent without a fire. Ever since the first caveman figured out how to create a fire it has been considered an essential outdoor skill. Whether you prefer to be ultra minimalist and start a fire with two branches or prefer the more reliable method of a can of gas and a box of matches fire is essential. We can cook with it, purify water, maintain our body temperature, keep critters at bay, and provide a general sense of security. Now, while a can of gas is a quick and dirty way to set a blaze there are much safer and more compact options.

Bic Lighter- There are only two kinds of disposable lighters the cheap ones that don't work and the reliable Bic. Spend the extra money and get a real bic. I prefer blaze orange because if I drop it I can easily find it. The average number of lights from a bic is 3000. That's a lot of fires.

Stormproof Matches- Stormproof matches are truly waterproof and windproof, so much so that you can actually light the match and dip it in water without losing the flame. I have carried these in my kit for years but have yet to actually need to use them. This is my last ditch effort to get a fire going firestarter. A small container of UCO stormproof matches is a cheap, compact piece of mind.

Ferrocerium Rod- Also known as a firesteel this handy little rod creates a shower of sparks that burn around 5500 degrees f. This is my preferred method to start fires. There are no moving parts to break, no fuel to run out, and the elements are of no concern. When coupled with Vaseline soaked cotton balls there is no fire you cant start.

Steel tin full of Vaseline cotton balls- Any metal tin will do as long as it has a lid that closes securely. In the event you ran out of cottonballs the tin can be used to make char cloth provided you have a fire already made. Rub Vaseline into cotton balls for the absolute best and most reliable tinder ever thought up.

This whole kit weighs virtually nothing and could even be doubled if you are the type of person who follows the one is none rule. I have chosen not to include a magnifying glass, strike anywhere matches, a firepiston, a zippo, or any other potentially unreliable fire starting methods. Typically I will use my ferro rod and cotton balls first, if this is giving me trouble or my hands are frozen I'll move on to the bic and cottonballs, with my final attempt being the stormproof matches along with a bunch of tinder of any kind.  This kit alone is not enough to build a fire you also need to practice your firecraft skills to become proficient at staying warm no matter the conditions.

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