Build an EDC first aid kit.

Have you ever taken a look online for a personal first aid kit?
Everything I seem to find is either too big, too small, missing items, or has way too much useless junk in it. I have revised and rebuilt my edc kit to cover a wider range of injuries so that it can be incorporated into my outdoor kit as well. Before we look at the contents please understand I'm not trying to treat an army, I just try to make sure I have the nessesary components to treat myself and my family in our day to day lives as well as on our outdoor adventures. My actual first aid kit is a part of a few other items I carry for safety as well. These items include,
  • bugspray
  • sunscreen
  • disposable poncho
  • sol emergency blanket
  • 2 handwarmers
  • Adventure Medical kits trauma pack
  • Small memo pad with a pen or pencil
  • personal first aid kit.
I don't always carry all of these extra things but I do always carry my personal first aid kit. The first aid kit contains
  • bic lighter
  • nitrile gloves
  • 2" roll of gauze
  • 1/2" waterproof medical tape
  • 5 packets of burn cream
  • 5 packets hydrocortisone cream
  • 5 packets triple antibiotic ointment
  • 2' duct tape
  • small inspection flashlight
  • signal mirror
  • tweezers
  • 3 safety pins
  • 8 benedryl
  • 10 Tylenol
  • 10 ibuprofen
  • 2 day supply of my personal meds
  • chapstick
  • 10 alcohol pads
  • 10 standard bandaids
  • 4 cushioned blister bandages
  • 4 2"x2" gauze pads
  • 10 butterfly sutures
  • small first aid guide
  • 1 bug x wipe

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