Top three firearms to survive anything

Yep were gonna open up this can of worms again. I've got my opinions you have yours share them in the comments section below.
Any firearm could theoretically be a survival tool and we all have an opinion on what survival really is. For me survival is an everyday thing. I want to have my tools work to gather food, defend my home, and keep me safe at camp. While coming up with this list I took many things into account including
  • durability
  • time tested designs
  • ammunition cost and availability
  • effective range
  • versatility
  • overall weight
  • ammunition weight
  • availability of the firearm
  • cost
There are plenty of other things I thought about as well to come up with my list. Whether I had to bug out or my dreams of finally moving to the mountains came true these are the three firearms I feel would keep me safe and fed. Every firearm on this list is cheap, reliable, only requires minimal tools to take apart, and they are all cheap to aquire as well as shoot.

12 gauge shotgun pump or break action.
12 gauge shells are cheap, plentiful, and powerful. The ability to hunt anything from a dove all the way on up to a grizzly bear makes this my number one choice. I have a Remington 870 with a second scoped rifled slug barrel so that adds even more versatility. A shotgun will be able to put food on the table as well as defend the house. Barrel swaps take around a minute and take down of the entire firearm doesn't take any tools. The effective range will vary based on the round you are using but anywhere from within 40 yards for shot all the way out to 100 plus yards with slugs is realistic. All these benefits don't come without a few drawbacks which are mostly weight related. A shotgun is on the heavy side as are the shells. The recoil is another thing that some people may not enjoy. A limbsaver extension may help with this but your body will adjust to the kick as you learn just the right spot to tuck the stock. Another thing to consider is reloading doesn't require a press.

 Models to consider Remington 870 or Mossberg 500           
Cost- $200 up

A 30-30 lever action.
The gun that won the west. This is a tried and true firearm that has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction. While it doesn't have a high capacity magazine it does have a 6 shot tubular magazine and can be loaded without pulling the mag. These rifles will take anything you throw at them and keep on trucking. They are the king of brush guns. For the amount of punch they have the recoil is very low. Any deer sized animal can easily be taken with a 30-30. At right around a dollar a round practicing at the range wont break the bank too much. Tear down and maintenance are simple and only require 3 screwdrivers and a gun cleaning kit. This is an excellent gun for 100 yard or less medium to large game hunting rifle. As with the shotgun reloading doesn't require a press. The shells should only be reused from your own rifle to prevent jamming/loading issues.
Models to consider Marlin 336 or Winchester Model 94
Cost- new around $450

.22 Single Action Revolver
A true woods gun unless you are in bear country. I love my revolver for its simple operation. When you pick up an old single action it just feels right, The way the grips are shaped provide you with a very natural point of aim. One handed shots are doable. Only having 6 shots forces you to be careful with shot placement which help reduce the urge to pray and spray. Having fired probably 1500 rounds through my heritage rough rider I can assure you they are reliable. With a revolver if it doesn't shoot just pull the trigger again no need to worry about jams or racking slides. Pull the hammer back and fire. Simple effective and accurate. This firearm will allow you to take small game without an issue and being a .22 carrying a bunch of ammo is easy.
Models to consider Heritage rough rider or a Ruger Single Six
Cost- New $165 and up

Every one of these tools should serve you and your family for years to come. They are tried and true and have been doing their job well for generations. Regardless of how strict gun regulations become in the future and even in anti gun states these lower capacity working mans guns are and will probably still be allowed.

One parting thought, when a jury looks at an AK47 or an AR15 they think of a big bad scary military type gun. However when they look at a lever action or a cowboy revolver they thi nk of their fathers or grandfathers hunting tools.

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