What bushcraft means to me

For me bushcraft is a way to purge all of the stress that I face in day to day life. Ya know work, bills,
people in general. Bushcraft is not about gear or zombies or any of the other nonsense people worry about these days. It is more about skill than tools. With enough skill you could go out with nothing more than a knife and a ferro rod if you wanted. I prefer to bring along quite a bit more than that because on the rare occasion I get to go on a trip its gonna be for a week or so. I love being outdoors and making my own shelter, building my fire, cooking the fish I catch over a fire, carving random things, taking pictures. Its all about the experience and connecting with nature. I generally bring some firearm for plinking or game depending on the season. My two latest purchases where a lever action 30-30 and a .22 single action revolver. Wanna feel like a cowboy from back in the day, pick up either of those firearms and you'll feel like one. Is there anything better than waking up at sunup and getting to watch the sun rise while you have a percolator full of coffee cooking up on last nights coals? Bushcraft can be whatever you want it to be as long as you are getting in touch with nature.  What does bushcraft mean to you?

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