Heading back out

My vacation isn't quite up yet and my trip a few days ago left me less than satisfied. I got there way to late in the evening and broke camp pretty much as soon as I woke up. Not this time around. I'll be heading out much earlier this time around so I don't have to set camp in the dark. I have a tent in the truck as a back up but the plan is to just set up a tarp lean to. This weekend should be somewhat warm for Wisconsin so well see how that goes. I made a few changes to my loadout.
  • I'm bringing a few more trail meals and more coffee
  • I plan to be able to get water from the pond this time around because quite frankly stale snow tastes, well, like stale snow with a smoky additive. I have a sawyer mini so filtering shouldn't be an issue. pond water isn't much better but at least its spring fed and not just a stagnant sitting pool.
  • I modded my cookware so there is no longer any plastic handle to melt and I also added a handle to hang it from a tripod
  • I'm bringing a holster for my revolver.
  • My Marlin 336 will also be coming with now that I know we have wolves in that area. Say what you will about wolves/coyotes leaving you be but I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Just a nice piece of mind to keep in camp. The revolver is still my go to for late night hikes for firewood or to hike back to the truck if I forget to lock it or something.
  • You either have time or money and right now I have time. What I'm getting at is I have not gotten a new sleeping bag or camp pillow. The solution- I lined my bag with a thick fleece blanket and stole a throw pillow from our bed.
  • I still don't have a sleeping pad either so I'm figuring on setting up a sleep platform under the lean to and piling lots of pine boughs under my bag. Anything is better than waking up on an ice hole under the tent.
Last outing I started roughing out a kuksa from a beautiful piece of cedar heartwood. I plan to work on burning the bowl out while sitting by the fire. I'll update when I get back. Hopefully I've got the gear situation taken care of and can get myself out of the house at a decent time. Wish me luck.

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