Gearing up for my first cold weather bushcraft trip

I've been planning a trip for quite some time now. I took a week of vacation from work because that was the original plan, one week. Well I'm married to a beautiful woman and have an adorable daughter and a week away from them just isn't going to work for any of us. I know they could go but currently its still February in Wisconsin and my daughter is just over a year so taking them isn't a great idea for now. Anyway back to the story. I decided to take an overnighter with just a few pieces of gear. You should have seen the loadout for a week. TOO DAMN MUCH. Most of it was clothes and food but there was a lot of other things as well. So here we have it my one night pack and tarp with two thick fleece blankets.  Ill be heading off to the woods soon. My plan is to get out of here early then get a nice sleeping platform built, a tarp lean to over that and plenty of firewood. I'm certainly not new to survival or camping but bushcraft is a bit new to me yet. The mindset is different, its not "hey look at all my cool gear" or lets run from TEOTWAWKI, so choosing what gear to leave behind was hard. After I layed everything out and took away the things I knew  really didn't need I no longer needed the sled. My back will definitely be happy that the choice was made.

My Bag's Contents
  • Bahco folding saw
  • Becker BK2
  • Estwing hatchet
  • Falkniven stone
  • Leatherman
  • Camera
  • power bank for my phone
  • 8x10 tarp
  • 2 thick twin size fleece blankets
  • firesteel
  • bic
  • cotton balls dipped in Vaseline for tinder
  • stormproof matches
  • sawyer mini
  • headlamp
  • .22 revolver with some ammo in case I get bored and wanna do some plinking
  • fork and spoon
  • coffee
  • jerky
  • gorp
  • 1 dehydrated trail meal
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Stanley ss cup/pot and one nesting cup
  • tp
  • roll of jute twine (biodegradable throwaway cordage and tinder)
  • around a 50 ft hank of paracord
  • poncho
  • emergency blanket
  • poncho
  • journal with a pencil
  • a book
My clothing will of course be several layers starting with a tshirt then thermal, hoody, and jacket. I have a nice pair of flannel lined jeans, a good pair of kamik snowboots, thin gloves, thick gloves, and a nice warm hat. My EDC is a folder, a bic, my phone, my chew, and a mini surefire.
Hopefully I've chosen the right gear but I guess only the woods will let me know for sure. Wish me luck, I'll upload pics and update when I get home.

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