Survival Uses for pill bottles

I'm pretty sure that we have all seen the pill bottle survival kits, fishing kits, and mini first aid kits. They are all over the internet so its apparent that pill bottles can be recycled for better purposes. Well I have come up with a few more uses for them.

Waterproofing a pill bottle is easy. Stretch an O-Ring around the base threads of the pill bottle. That's all you need to do to waterproof a pill bottle.

Waterproof match case.
The sandpaper in the top is flipped over when im not using it.

Foot powder dispenser.
Drill a few 1/16"  holes in the cap then put a cotton ball in the bottle. When you need to use the foot power take the cotton ball out.

Tinder Capsule
3 layers of a tea light candle, wood shavings, and Vaseline soaked cottonballs

Cordage dispenser
You can pack 20-30 ft of parcord inside a small pill bottle. Drill a 3/64" hole in the cap and pull the paracord through it. I wrapped the bottle with around 20 feet of duct tape as well.

Waterproof battery and electronic storage. 6 AAA batteries or 3 AA batteries will fit inside a small bottle. You can also fit a  usb storage device inside.

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