DIY Coffee can rocket stove

Living in an urban setting can be a challenge from a preppers standpoint. One of the big challenges is finding fuel wood for fires and cooking. Sure you can go elsewhere to get a chord of wood but this gets expensive instead think about using the fuel that is already available to you. By building a  rocket stove you can still use firewood to cook but you only need a few handfuls of sticks instead of split logs. Rocket stoves will burn as long as there is fuel to put in them.
The outside of this little beauty doesn't get very hot because of the double wall construction and the insulating barrier layer which helps the stove retain heat. Wind only helps a rocket stove. Once it is burning turn the fuel door into the wind and the flame will get bigger.   When the cooking is done just stop adding fuel and the stove will extinguish within ten minutes.

  1. Tin snips
  2. Pliers
  3. Drill
  4. Sharpie
  1. Coffee Can
  2. Medium Can
  3. 14 oz can

Gather up your materials and tools
Remove the top and bottom of the smallest can. Put one of the pieces you just removed flat inside the can. This will act as a damper.
Make a paper template of the smallest can and trace it on the medium can and coffee can
Cut a hole in the side of the big and medium cans

Center the medium can inside the coffee can then screw it in place. Try to get the tops of the two cans lined up.

Press the smallest can in the holes of the other two cans.

Add your insulating barrier layer. Good choices for this are dirt, sand, wood ashes, clay, Fiberglass insulation, vermiculite. There are other options as well just use what you hav available. I used fiberglass because I had it laying around.

Rocket stoves are a great alternative to standard wood stoves especially if you are an urban prepper. They don't use much fuel and get very hot in a hurry.

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