Survival fire kit

About a week ago I started assembling new packs for myself and the wife. I wanted to create a survival kit that would be lightweight and easy to use even for someone with limited outdoor knowledge. Fire is especially important here in Wisconsin where its cold three seasons out of the year, so I decided weight wasn't an issue for the fire kit. I did quite a bit of research and pretty much ignored cost to make sure the wife would be able to get a fire going no matter what.

Here's the kit
  • Case of UCO stormproof matches with extra strikers
  • Case of waterproof matches
  • 250 count box of UCO strike anywhere matches in a freezer bag
  • 3 bics
  • UST sparkie fire starter
  • Light my fire Swedish firesteel 12,000 strike ferro rod
  • Magnesium bar
  • Chew tin full of Vaseline cotton balls

I'm confident that anyone could get a fire going with this kit. It is a little bulky at over a pound but to me the weight is not as important as knowing you can always have fire. In addition to the kit I will be putting a bic in every pocket of the pack and writing a how to guide for the wife. Redundancy my friend, that is the key.

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Is there anything you would add to this kit or change?

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