Solo vs Group survival; You have to sleep sometime

The big one finally happened. It's chaos all around you now. What will you do? What plans do you have in place. Some people will bug out and join a team that was chosen long before the shit hit the fan, others will go completely solo, and the sheeple will probably die while they wait for help. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons for each tactic.

Solo pros

  • Stealth and evasion
  • Move faster
  • Less supplies and resources to survive
  • Quiet
  • No arguments
  • Harder to track
The solo survivor will be better off avoiding the enemy. Long term solo survival may be feasible if you are single and have no family but for most of us solo won't work.

Solo cons
  • Can't take on huge groups
  • No way to take turns on watch
  • Loneliness
  • No full perimeter security
  • You have to sleep sometime
  • If you are hurt or sick you are on your own
  • Limited to your own knowledge, skills, and ideas
Now we'll look at the other side of the spectrum. Group survival. For long term survival a group is a more realistic idea. The Army special forces is a good example of the benefits of group survival. They are a twelve man group with two officers and ten NCO's trained in five specialties; weapons, engineer, medical, communications, operations and intelligence. The team can be split into a six man group and not worry about losing skills because everyone is cross trained in different areas.

Group pros
  • Safety and viability in numbers
  • Group support system
  • Extra gear in case yours breaks or gets lost
  • The ability to carry heavier gear
  • More ideas and solutions to problems
  • Divided work effort
  • Companionship
  • Divided watch and security
  • Always have someone to watch your six
  • People to help if you become sick or injured
  • Intimidation factor
  • Cross training
  • Encouragement and motivation from the team
  • More muscle and brainpower
  • Foraging and hunting is faster and more successful
  • Help overcoming obstacles
  • A better mix of skills and gear
There are a lot of pro's to being a part of a team but only if unit integrity exists. This means everyone must get along, share a common goal, and have a team mentality. It will be much easier to weed out the bad team members while society is still functioning. If you don't know them, haven't worked with them or spent time with them don't trust them.

Group cons
  • More supplies needed
  • Arguments
  • Leadership issues
  • OPSEC could be compromised
  • Uniting after a bugout
  • Noise
  • Easier to track then a soloist
  • Can be hard to recruit members
  • Trust issues
  • The group could turn on you
What is your plan? Are you a solo or group survivor? I want everyone's opinion. This is just a list of some of the more obvious pro's and con's.

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