Coffee in a survival sitution

Coffee, café, espresso, java, joe, it doesn't matter what you call it most of us can't imagine a morning without it. From the hardcore three pot a day junkies such as myself, to the one cup a day snobs like my sister, coffee is a big part of our society. It is one of the most traded commodities on our planet second only to oil in the United States and since Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee it is the number one most imported food item in the US.
So why should you care about coffee if you don't drink it?What would happen if SHTF?
Coffee prices would skyrocket faster than precious metals. The coffee aisle at the store would be empty or the price would be inflated so high that most people could no longer afford the black gold. The world would be full of crabby people going through withdrawals, just looking for an end to the miserable headache they have been dealing with for days now. The first people to fall would be the coffee snobs who don't brew there own, next would be the junkies who got stressed by the prices and drank more coffee than normal to cope with the stress. The only supply left would be whatever is in people's private stockpiles and all of a sudden coffee is as valuable as ammo.

Stockpiling Coffee
Coffee is available in four main forms; instant, ground, roasted whole bean, and whole green coffee beans. The green coffee beans need to be roasted before you can use them but they store the longest. Coffee will absorb the tastes and smells that are around it if it is not in an airtight container. An easy way to check this is with your nose. If you can smell the coffee it isn't airtight and won't store long. The solution for this is simple, rotate your stock to keep it fresh. Freeze dried instant coffee is another option for long term storage but tastes pretty shitty. There are companies that sell freeze dried coffee in vacuum packed bags with oxygen absorbers in the bag to keep it fresh. 

Reasons why coffee is good for you
  • Coffee boosts energy and alertness as much as amphetamines especially if you don't normally drink it
  • Coffee makes shitty water taste better. Pioneers on the Oregon Trails survived from drinking coffee. The ones who didn't drink it died from cholera and dysentery. It wasn't the coffee that killed the diseases, it was actually the heat from boiling the water. I'm still gonna give this one to the coffee though
  • It boosts morale. Coffee is a huge part of my morning. I tremble at the thought of trying to start my day without a pot of coffee and a few smokes. The smell of coffee fills the house and just makes me a happier person. Even people who don't drink coffee seem to like the smell. If our society collapses you need to enjoy the little things.
  • Lowered risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, and dementia
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Reduces depression
  • Improved vascular health and lowered risk of heart disease
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Improves cholesterol levels 
How to make coffee in a survival situation or outdoors
There are a whole lot of ways to make coffee. You can use a French press, a percolator, make instant, use a Coleman coffee maker, the methods are endless but my favorite is also the simplest;  Cowboy Coffee. This method requires nothing more than a cup, some water, and coffee grounds. Add some grounds and water to your cup and boil it. The grounds will settle at the bottom of the cup especially if you add a splash of cold water. If you don't like black coffee you probably won't like cowboy coffee. You are cooking the coffee at higher temps than normal so it makes for a very strong, gritty, and bitter brew. For those of you who don't like strong bitter coffee here's a few other websites that have different methods-
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