Most Versatile Outdoor Stove Part 3

Alright we have two burners already built so now we're gonna finish the project with a wood burner and stand. As the title says I'm trying to build the most versatile outdoor stove. So why not be able to run on pretty much anything. Hell you could even put a candle in here and use that as the burner. It would probably take a while but I'm sure it would work. This is an extremely versatile and efficient little stove. It is also a great hand warmer.

Materials and tools
  • Gerber formula can
  • hack saw
  • utility knife
  •  drill
  • 16 gauge steel
  • 1/8" x 3/4" steel bar
  • a hinge
  • 1/8" drill bit
  • grinder with a cut off wheel
  • safety glasses
  • Sharpie
Get It Built
  1. Mark out a door on the bottom of the can. Make it about 2"x4"
  2. Cut the door out. Depending on your patience you can use a hack saw, a utility knife, or a dremel tool with a cutting wheel
  3. Cut a new door out of 16 gauge steel and bend it to shape then attach a hinge if you want. I did but the threads of the screws don't hold in the can so I took the hinge off.
  4. Mark out and drill three rows of 4 holes. These are the vent and intake holes.
  5. Next we need to make the grate. When I designed this stove I wanted everything to go inside the can when I'm not using it. The grate can be welded into one piece if that is what you want to do but it is not really needed.
  6. Cut two pieces of 1/8" bar about a 1/4 inch longer than the can
  7. Now find the center of the two pieces and put a 1/8" wide x 3/8" deep in the center of each piece Then notch them with the grinder at the marks
  8. Place the two pieces together and they should form a tight fitting cross
  9. Set the grate on top of the stand and mark where the grate sits. These 4 areas will need to be notched so the grate locks in place
We're finally all done building this awesome stove. It only takes about a handful of leaves and twigs to get going and a big handful of sticks to maintain. Wind won't bother the stove and all of the heat generated will flow up to the pot.
You wont do much better than my stove even if you buy something at the store.  This is a great little stove for camping, hiking, or survival if you happen to have it with you. It is very fuel efficient and boils water in about 15-20 minutes. If wood isn't your choice of fuel you can also set the penny stove or buddy burner inside the wood stove as a burner.  Everything comes apart and stores inside the woodstove and it all weighs in at less than a pound. Its a hell of a lot better than the wire hanger stands everyone else builds for penny stoves. You can actually put a pot on top of it without the bastard tipping on its side.
Here's how to light the stove in wind and rain

Extra Shit
  • Obviously the can is gonna be HOT!!! I feel like I shouldn't have to say that but ya know, I will anyway.
  • If you are using wood and the fire starts to die down just turn the can so the door is facing into the wind or blow on it a few times
  • All three of the fuel sources listed are gonna put soot on pots and pans so don't use your wife's new pan to try out the stove
  • The penny stove burns extremely hot so make sure you slide it in as soon as the jets start to ignite
  • Don't bump the penny stove it'll make the alcohol flare up.
  • Only use this stove outdoors on a rock or something else that is not flammable never use it indoors.
  • Keep all combustible materials away.
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