Most Versatile Outdoor Stove Part 2

Now that you've got the alcohol burner built its time for the buddy burner. It's not a requirement just an alternative source of fuel. These are very simple to make for free.

Materials and tools
  • Can cut in half
  • Cardboard box
  • utility knife
  • candle wax
Build the damn thing
  1. Cut the can down to about 1.5" tall. It doesn't matter what kind of can it is you just need a metal one
  2. Cut the cardboard into 1.5" strips
  3. Roll the cardboard into a tight coil the same size as the can and place it inside
  4. Dump liquid candle wax all over the cardboard
That's all there is too it. Light it on fire and the buddy burner will burn for a while. Best part about this kind of burner is it's all free and there's no fuel to buy.

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