Most Versatile Outdoor Stove Part 1

I got bored today and started messing around with building a stove. I wanted a stove that could run on anything and be durable so I wont have to build it again anytime soon. I combined a small soda can stove, a buddy burner, and a wood stove into one. Another big thing is that it had to be compact. I already own a propane camp stove and that's not what I wanted. It weighs too much and propane is expensive and bulky. The stove had to support my 2qt pot full of water and still be stable.

The soda can stove burner
A soda can stove runs on alcohol, is cheap, and burns hot as hell so it was perfect for this project.

Materials and tools
  • a thick book
  • 2 cans
  • razor blade
  • thumb tack
  • sharpie
  • a penny

Get the alcohol stove built

1. Put a razor blade in a thick book, screw it to a
chunk of 2x4, or on a level. Biggest thing here is to
to keep the blade at an even height.

2. Spin the can around the blade on a flat surface to get an
even score line. Eventually you will pop through the can
and it should come apart with a clean crisp line. Do the
same for the second can.


3. Make sure the two bottoms of the cans are the same size.
Press the two halves together. This is the pain in the ass part so try to be patient. You can expand one of the cans by stretching it over a full can. You can also cut a strip of can off and use it as a prybar

4. Once the cans are pressed together with no
 creases sand the edges so it doesn't cut you.

5. Mark out the center of the can
then mark 24 evenly spaced holes Pop
the thumbtack into each jet
Pop 4 more holes in the center around
the dead center mark.

That's it the penny stove is done. Fill it up with the yellow bottle of Heet and light it. Lighting these stoves is a bit of a challenge. You need to heat the stove from the bottom then light the jets. If you are a dumbass and burn yourself it ain't my problem do this at your own risk. Its gonna be hot so only do this outdoors and don't put gas in one it'll blow up.

Part 2
Part 3

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