Easy Way To Gather Water In The Rain

Here's a quick way to gather water if you are stuck and its raining. Sure you could stand under the roof and gather what falls but this is easier and doesn't take much energy to get a big drink. You don't need to boil rainwater it can be drank straight from the plastic.

All ya need is a piece of plastic a rock and some stakes.

After 45 minutes of light to medium rain. Even have some
some protein squiggling around in there.

Pretty damn simple. Dig a hole and put the plastic in there then throw a rock in it. The bigger the better. This piece is only 2'x2' and the hole is maybe 6" deep. I staked it in because of the light wind. The plastic could be a garbage bag, a poncho, a tarp, a ziplock baggie, hell you could even use a leaf if ya find a big enough one.
Another simple survival tip to keep your ass alive.

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