Build an Indoor Greenhouse Part 2

I've got my home built greenhouse done so now its time to make a control to see how effective it is.
This control will also tell me if harvesting seeds from store bought produce works.  In part 2 I'm going to use a cheap commercially available greenhouse and set it up. The whole project with seeds only cost $20.00.
This greenhouse has everything done by the book including potting soil, seed planting depth and packaged seeds.

  • Miracle Grow Seed Starting Potting Mix
  • Window Greenhouse Seed Starter
  • Livington Seed- color mix peppers, Hungarian yellow wax pepper, red cherry large heirloom tomato, habanero pepper
  • A heating mat
  • A digital thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • 2- 6500k daylight fluorescent light bulbs in dome fixtures
    • ***These are not listed as grow lights but from what I've read they are just as effective
Build the damn thing

Step 1. Fill the tray and lightly pack the
soil down

Step 2. Label everything. I wrote the number
of seeds in each cup on top
Step 3. Use a pair of tweezers and plant the
seeds to the depth on the package. Water

Done. Put the cover on and set it under the grow
lights. If the seeds you planted need more than room
temp to grow put a heaing pad under the container
Now that the second greenhouse is built I have a control to see if all the fancy shit is needed. My home built greenhouse is under the lights because it is cold and rainy today so I kept them in. The soil is at a constant temp of 82 degrees f in both greenhouses. My guess is that the store bought greenhouse will do better for sprouting the seeds but I think my home built greenhouse will be better for the plants once they start growing mainly because it is a lot bigger. By having both greenhouses I can also see how well store bought seeds grow versus the seeds harvested from produce. I will update in a future post how everything is going. I don't really care too much which greenhouse does better as long as I get some damn veggies out of it.
The one step I didn't do by the book is sprouting seeds. It is a very simple way to make sure the seeds will germinate.

Sprouting seeds is simple. Wrap the seeds in damp
paper towel or toilet paper and put them in a
sandwich baggie. Keep the seeds warm either
with a heating mat or set them on a heat vent. Spray
the towel daily to keep it damp and watch for sprouts.

Here's Part 1

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