Build A Fire The Right Way

The main components of a fire
In the great outdoors fire is your best friend. Whether you're in a survival situation, camping, or hiking, pretty much anything outdoors is better with a fire.  Fire provides you with warmth, a way to cook and purify water, the ability to cut big logs without any work, keeps bugs away, signaling, the uses are endless. Because of all the uses it is important to know the right way to start a fire. Get this right and your chances of surviving dramatically increase.

Basic components of a fire
    Tinder- This is the highly flammable shit. Examples would be dryer lint, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly, dry leaves and pine needles, paper, wood shavings, denim, cotton, twine, magnesium shavings, birch bark, guts of a cattail, dried grass, anything flammable that'll catch a spark and burn easily.

    Kindling- This is what the tinder will ignite. Its a good idea to have a few sizes starting with pencil sized twigs then move to sticks the size of your finger, continue to go up from there. Size isn't all that important just look for smaller pieces.

    Fuel wood
  • Fuel- Fuel wood is what will maintain your fire. It burns slower than kindling and tinder. Look for wood around the diameter of a fifty cent piece and go up from there. Once the fire is burning strong then you can add whatever size fuel you want.

Fire starting tools
My Fire starting kit.
Now that you know what you need to build a fire next ya need some tools to light it. If you are going outdoors there is no excuse to not have at least a Bic lighter. A Bic is great because they last forever and they'll work even if ya drop them in a lake. If that happens roll the wheel a few times till it sparks again. Some other good fire starting tools would be waterproof matches or firesteel. In reality you should have at least these three tools in your pack anytime you leave the house.

Why I like teepee fires
  • A teepee fire is probably the easiest type to build.
  • You can burn fresh cut live wood or even wet wood on it.
  • This style fire will burn down to a nice bed of coals in a hurry and burns HOT.
  • After it gets going ya don't need to worry about maintaining the teepee shape.
  • This kindling will protect the tinder from the wind
  • Once the bastard starts burning it ain't going out

Get the damn thing built

1. Put the tinder at the bottom of the fire. Don't be lazy
here get more than ya think its gonna take.

2. Make a teepee shape from the kindling. Leave a small opening
that you can get your hand in to light the tinder
3. Add the thicker kindling.

4. Throw some fuel wood on there. Ya don't need a shitload just
enough to get burning, you can add more later. 

5. Get it burning. Shouldn't take much as long as you
followed this guide.

Done, now use it.
Under a big pine tree is a good spot
to look for tinder and kindling. There
is probably something dry under one
even if its raining.
Just because you read this guide it doesn't mean a fire is going to magically appear every time you go out. Practice the skill in your backyard or in a charcoal grill if ya can't have a fire pit. Whatever is needed to practice. Knowledge doesn't weigh a thing but until you've actually done it you don't know anything. Once you can start a fire with just firesteel you're doin good. Don't just practice your skills when its nice out. Go try to start a fire when its rainy and shitty. Try it out when its windy. Try building a fire in a bitter cold snow storm. These are the times when building a fire is essential in the woods. Hell of a lot easier to figure out how to start a fire in a shit storm when you know if ya fail the house is close by.

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