Yeti Tundra 45

The very last cooler you will ever buy.
That is the first impression I got from my Yeti. If you want a virtually bomb proof, apocalypse proof, drunken friend proof, and of course bear proof cooler this is for you.

The Tundra 45 has several things you won't find on a cheap cooler. First are the handles. Two integrated handles for one man carrying and two paracord and rubber handles for 2 manning it. Next up is the slide resistant feet. The harder you push the harder they hold. This cooler has 2 lock slots to keep bears out. There is an internal gasket to seal the cold air in. In addition to the two bear locks you will find 2 rubber latches which hold strong to keep the cooler closed nice and tight. The hinge system is great. It is basically an aluminum rod that is full length and is a part of the cooler. The drain screws on to retain the cold air inside. A yeti is dry ice compatible. Yeti offers a five year no bullshit warranty and finally a dry goods basket similar to what most chest freezers have.
A few months back the company I work for offered Yeti coolers to us at an incredible discount because we discontinued the mold due to the high production costs associated with it. So I thought it over and decided to pick one up.
For the price of one yeti you could easily pick up 10 cheap Walmart coolers of the same size so remember that these are not for everyone. The reason these coolers cost so much is the process to make them. Here's the process in a nutshell.
1.load the tool with powdered crosslink resin
2. cook for 1/3 the cycle time
3. load the insulating nylon barrier resin
4. cook for another 1/3 of the cycle time
5. bring the mold out one last time and load the final layer
6. cook for the remaining cycle time.
7. cool
8. Demold
The reason this plastic is so strong once its cured is because it is rotationally molded. Basically it cooks while it spins very fast. I run one of the rotational molding machines at work which is why I know so much about the process. When everything is all said and done you get a plastic that won't crack even at a temp of -65 f, which is the temp we freeze the plastic to for impact tests.
Now the important part. How long does it keep ice. Well right now its winter here in Wisconsin so I can't test it outdoors but I can test room temp. I filled the cooler with beer and soda for thanksgiving then filled the rest of the cooler with snow. Surprisingly 3 days later at room temp with being opened and closed several times a day there was still some snow floating around in the cooler. Yeti claims up to 7 days when the cooler is properly conditioned.
My take on the tundra
If you are the person that only needs a cooler one weekend a year I would say get a Walmart cooler but if you go on long outdoor trips and don't ever want to buy another cooler buy a yeti. This is a great cooler but most people just can't justify the high price of this apocalypse ready heavy as hell cooler.

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