M35 bug out vehicle

We all want an indestructible bug out vehicle that will run on anything flammable and run over anything that blocks our path. Sure you could get a big dually pick up truck and spend thousands lifting it and putting big ass tires on it, or... You could just buy a used military 6 wheel drive monster.

Also known as a deuce or deuce and a half this 2 1/2 ton cargo truck was designed to operate in any climate on anything flammable. The turbo inline 6 will run on diesel, used oil, gasoline, kerosene, pretty much anything you can find. The multifuel capabilities help me to look past the 6-10 mpgs a truck like this will get.
Maintenance is fairly
simple but everything weighs a ton. Be prepared to get some big tools and buy fluids by the five gallon buckets.
Deuces came with no creature comforts. They are as bare bones as can be. Some models don't even have heat. There is no insulation between the engine and firewall so the cab gets hot in the summer. The seats have almost no cushion but the drivers seat is a suspension style. A manual transmission is the only thing the a2 came with while the a3 was upgraded to an auto.
These trucks can be picked up at auction for as little as $3500 for a basic model without a winch or hard top. They go up in price from there but in the long run its cheaper just to get the one you want than try to build the wrong truck into the right one.
6 wheel drive
Replacement parts are everywhere
Need lots of big tools
Bad fuel economy
Uncomfortable ride

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