Natural mosquito trap

Rain, rain go away. That's what everyone in my area has been saying this year. Currently my yard is a swamp as are the fields and everything else around here. Of course with all this water flooding isn't the only problem. Mosquitoes
are everywhere and they attack in swarms. The bastards can just about carry you away so I had to find a way to control them. There are several things at the store for this. From bug spray to bug zappers there are a lot of choices. Bug zappers and broad spectrum pesticides both come to mind but they kill several beneficial insects as well. What to do?
Start off by eliminating mosquito breeding grounds. Old tires, buckets, planters, holes, anything that can hold water for more than seven days should be removed. Bird baths, fountains, and other decor should be treated with skeeter tabs. Next find out where you have natural mosquito predators.
Bats- our winged friends kill thousands of mosquitoes each night. Consider building a few bat boxes to attract more bats to your yard.
Dragonflies- dragonflies are born in water, stay near water most of their lives and kill lots of Skeeter's.
Toads- toads love bugs and eat a lot. If you see one don't disturb it he's your ally in the war of mosquitoes.
Citronella- when these plants are living they are more potent than tiki torches or candles. They grow to be 4-5 feet tall and look very attractive when planted behind small flowers.
Marigolds- plant some marigolds in front of a citronella plant and have a natural bug repellant garden.
Mosquito trap
1. cut a bottle in half
2. Fill half way with water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and one tiny package of yeast.
3. Put the top on upside down so it works like a funnel.
Place the trap in an area you know has mosquitoes and leave it be. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide produced by the dough. You may not kill many of them but at least the skeeters will be more attracted to the trap than you.
Box fan
Mosquitoes are not great at flying so wind keeps them at bay.
Bugs hate smoke so smoke up the camp with some green wood.
Smearing mud on your skin creates a barrier against mosquito bites.
These are a few of the suggestions I found to help rid your yard of the little disease ridden pests. If you have any other ideas feel free to share them.

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