Update Geo Tracker bug out vehicle

Since the last time you read about my bug out truck I have had a whole lot of fun and updated a lot of things. Winter was a blast I spent a lot of time cruising
around trying to get stuck out in the snow drifts and now that its spring I've been playing in the mud. One of the best
upgrades was
putting on 31x10.5r15 mud tires. This greatly improves my traction in
any terrain from mud to snow I can crawl right through it. Once the tires were installed I noticed quite a bit of rubbing so I did the strut mount flip which helped reduce the amount of rubbing. I blew the head gasket so I bought a new top end off of Craigslist to replace the old one and i picked up a new felpro gasket set. While I had everything apart I figured it would be a good idea to sandblast everything and coat the top end. After the motor was torn down I figured I'd replace the water pump, thermostat,  and timing belt. From here I just started replacing everything I know is prone to breakage. All the fluids were replaced as well as a new battery with future plans for dual battery setup. Storage is a problem in a truck this small so I built a footlocker to separate the front from the rear. The biggest benefit is the added storage and having a truck bed that I can fill up without everything rolling forward.
Future plans include jerry cans for gas and water, a safari Rack, dual battery setup, 2 inch suspension lift, skid plates, more comfortable seats , a snorkel, a roll cage winch bumpers in the front and rear, solid axle swap, and more off road lights.

Part 1
Part 3
See what else I've done to it

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