Stockpiling goods

Our country's future is very unpredictable. We are still a very young country and all great civilizations have one thing in common; They Ended. From natural or manmade disasters to
hostile government takeover or even civil war there is a lot of uncertainty. This realization has led smart people to begin stockpiling what they know they're going to need.
To understand why we stockpile let's look at nature. A squirrel slaves away putting acorns and other foods away for a later day. This is why we stockpile; for the future. Stockpiling is usually a slow process much like a savings account but will be worth it in the end.
I got to thinking what are some things that I would stockpile in my bug out cabin? I came up with a short list of some of the essentials for my cabin.
1. Smokes- I am a smoker and there is no way in hell I'm gonna quit cold turkey in an emergency. I roll my own cigarettes so stockpiling tobacco is easy. I just save all the 1/4 full bags of tobacco and combine them then throw them in the freezer to keep the tobacco from drying out.
2. Coffee- I drink a lot of black coffee. Kind of like cigarettes if I have to go without it in a disaster, its NOT going to be pretty. Stockpiling is easy, just wait till your favorite brand is on sale and get an extra container that week. Coffee doesn't need refrigeration and lasts forever.
3. Toilet Paper- Yea I could just use a leaf or my sock but why? Like coffee wait till its on sale. Shit paper is important to maintain your comfort and a sense of civilization. TP is also a great firestarter.
4. Pet food- Wherever I may end up my dogs are coming with. In a disaster you don't know how long you are going to have to hold out, so sharing your supply of canned goods is probably not a good idea. Dog food lasts forever and if you run out of people food I guess you could split the dog food with your furry friend.
5. Water- This is kind of a no brainer but still gets overlooked. People figure they have running water so an extra couple bottles in the basement is good enough. I think of the possibility that my water supply could become contaminated. You can get bottled water dirt cheap if its generic. Also the gigantic water cooler bottles are great. At about 15.00 each you can stock up on a whole lot of good clean drinking water. Just buy one each time you go grocery shopping.
6. Canned goods- You can't go wrong here. Just buy a couple of cans of whatever is on sale each time you go grocery shopping. Canned goods last a very long time past the expiration date.  I don't really care what it is if I'm hungry enough I'm gonna eat it.
7. Prescriptions- I'm not talking about the type you are only gonna be on a short amount of time. If you are on blood pressure medicine or something you will be on the rest of your life stockpile one months worth.
8. Lamp oil/kerosene- Electricity may not always be available. Even if you have solar panels they will some day crap out on you. Unlike electricity, lanterns will burn as long as you have fuel for them. Kerosene can be used for fueling some heaters too.
9. Candles- Candles have their own fuel source and burn for a long time. After your fuel supply runs out you will still have a light source and potentially a heat source. Buy them after the holidays when they are on clearance.
10. Batteries- I have the best flashlight in the world(insert expensive flashlight name here). Oh you mean the most expensive paperweight once the batteries go dead. Make sure to get good quality batteries with a ten year shelf life and stay away from the generic garbage. After you've had your batteries stocked up for a few years use them and swap them with new ones.
11. Firewood- The downed trees in the woods are just gonna end up rotting if they are left on the ground, so get out there and cut them up. Cut a few cords and leave them season. After the wood is dry it burns better and splits easier. I'm not gonna be the guy making noise cutting up trees as the zombie apocalypse unfolds. I prefer to be prepared and not a human happy meal.
12. Lumber- Sounds strange to stockpile lumber but it makes fixing stuff a whole lot easier. Stockpiling lumber assumes you have a stationary bug out location. You can build anything you want and fix broken windows or even completely block windows off. All the scraps left over from your latest project could really come in handy in the future.
13. Ammo- How long is one box of ammo gonna last? I don't want to find out without a whole bunch of extra ammo. How long will 1000 rounds for each of the firearms you are bringing last?
14. Seeds- In the long term your food supply will run out. This leaves you with basically two options hunt and gather or hunt and garden. Seeds are not an immediate food source but are worth keeping around.
Being prepared is our best defense for whatever life throws at us. Stockpiling is not just for all of us smart people who know that our country is headed downhill. Unemployment and natural disasters are both very real reasons to start stockpiling. ??? What are you stockpiling ???

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