How to make a net with paracord

How to make a net with paracord

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Nets are excellent tools in the wild. They can be used to transport gear on your pack, fish traps, shelter, hammock, camouflage, and numerous
other uses.
Making one from paracord is simple.
1. Separate the paracord into individual strands by removing the outside sheathing. 

2. Run 1 of the strands between t
wo trees or posts about 5' off the ground. ***All these measurements are variable based on the size net you want to make.***
3. Fold one of the inner strands in half and bring the tag ends back through the loop from the fold to form a hitch. 
4. Continue making hitches this way from one tree/post to the other.
5. Now to start weaving. Look at the first hitch to the left, tie the inside of this strand to the outside of the next strand using a double over hand knot.. Do this along the whole net.
6. When you start your second row it will be the same as the first, tie the inside to the outside using a double overhand knot. You can continue to do this until the net is the size you want. 

7. To finish the net tie all the ends to the outside strands and cut the excess rope off.

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