How to find water

Water is one of your top priorities whether you are at home or on the go. Sometimes water is difficult to come by but here's some common places to find it. **always boil any water you collect **
Rivers, streams, lakes
If the water is dirty strain it out first.
Even if the water is fast moving and clean you have no idea what is upstream of it so make sure you boil it before drinking.
Natural springs
Springs seem to pop up in the strangest places. If you see damp soil and it hasn't rained in a while there may be a spring in that location. Dig down until you get to water. Let the hole fill up once, pull the water out of the hole, then let it fill for a second time. Spring water does not have to be boiled.
At the base of cliffs you can usually find a spot where the water runs off after it has gone through the rock. Chances are there won't be a strong enough flow for you to drink it right away. Take a short piece of paracord tie a knot in one and and attach it to wherever the runoff is coming from. Stick the other end in a bottle and leave it until the bottle is full.
Fill a pot with snow and boil it up. Add a little water at the start and stir it occasionally. Snow is mostly air so a whole pot will only give you a quarter to half a pot of water. Don't eat the snow it will just give you frostbite and drop your core temp. 

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