How to build a fire

You need 3 key ingredients to start a fire. 
• Tinder- Flammable material light dryer lint, tiny sticks the size of matches, twine, anything that ignites very easily this will start your fire
• Kindling- Kindling is sticks about the size of your index finger.
This is what the tinder ignites.
• Fuel- Fuel is wood about as thick as your wrist that you will keep the fire going with. 

Start out by gathering a good pile of wood and twice the tinder you think you will need. After you have your wood gathered follow these steps:
1. Ignite the tinder
2. Hold the matchstick size wood about two inches above the burning tinder until it is lit
3. Start building a teepee with your kindling over the burning tinder
4. After the kindling is burning place fuel wood in a teepee shape over the tinder.
5. Maintain the fire. It's a whole lot easier to maintain a fire than it is to start a new one.

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