Horicon Marsh Waupun,WI

Horicon Marsh
Waupun, WI
Free admission
Mainly daytime use
Hiking, wildlife
Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash

I went on a trip with the wife to one of our local state parks. It is known as the largest freshwater marsh in America. This is an awesome place with several miles of trails that change from prairie to marsh to forest to water.
There is a cool lookout spot with telescopes to watch the wildlife. When you get to the park go on the first trail follow it until it intersects a paved road and you will see a gravel road with a big boulder in the center of it directly ahead of you. This is where the cool part of the trail starts. I don't think this part of the trail gets travelled much because I didn't see anyone on it. After you walk the whole trail you will see what looks like the foundation of an old house and this leads out to the pavement by where you parked.
We had a great time at horicon marsh and will be going back soon.

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