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Go bottle

A truly lightweight survival kit.

Survival kits

There are a lot of ideas on what a survival kit should contain. You need to plan for the  environment that you will be entering. It is summer here in Wisconsin which means its hot, so the survival kit you bring should not weigh a lot. My new survival kit covers all the bases even if it may not provide you with many creature comforts, it does give you all you need to survive and get home. ***This kit is not right for everyone.***

I have designed it for a person such as myself who has a fair amount of bushcraft knowledge, survival skills, and experience. You will have to use nature to your advantage and improvise if you choose to carry a kit like this. 
Survival kit contents

Nalgene bottle-The bottle acts as the container to hold everything and of course for holding water ideally you should have a survival kit bottle and another bottle full of water.
Tin soup can- The can serves for both cooking and boiling water. It also is where your gear is put after you find water for the Nalgene bottle.

Bic lighter
Waterproof matches in a water proof case that has a ferro rod attached to the bottom
Sparkie fire starter

Waterproof match case to hold the contents of the kit and act as a spool
12 various sized hooks
25 ft of 10lb fishing line wrapped tightly around a paper clip and secured with a rubber band

Leatherman-just about every tool you would ever need folded into one

Winchester fixed blade-big enough to use for chopping, small enough to do delicate tasks, full tang, easy to sharpen, holds an edge, heavy

Kershaw folding knife

Signaling and navigation

3aaa led maglite- high, low, strobe, long battery life and super bright, durable, water proof

Extra set of batteries 


First aid

2-4" gauze pads
Steri strips
Alcohol wipe
4 bandaids
4 Tylenol
4 ibuprofen
4 benedryl
Sunscreen/ bug spray wipe
All pills in a plastic zip lock bag tightly rolled and taped. The bag is used for extra storage once you've started using the Nalgene bottle.
50' 550 paracord- this is one of the only things that doesn't  fit in the bottle.

This is a somewhat minimalist kit but it is lightweight and has all the tools you need to survive. The kit is not meant for long term and you will go through the disposable things within a few days but the tools it contains will last indefinitely.


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