Finding true north at night.

***the following guide only works in the northern hemisphere***

Since ancient times people have used the stars to navigate to new and uncharted places. Many have been led astray by not having a full understanding of how the stars move but even more have found their way by understanding the night sky.

The most important celestial body in the northern hemisphere is Polaris or the North Star. Polaris is visable all year long in the northern hemisphere. This is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is easily found. The north star is within one degree of true north throughout the night and its relation to true north changes very little.
Polaris is marked by the line in this image

How to find Polaris "The North Star"

1.Look for Ursa Major also known as the Big Dipper. 
2.Now draw an imaginary line between the two stars that are furthest from the handle and continue the line down. 3.Polaris is the last star on the handle of Ursa Minor also known as the Little Dipper. 
4. If you are trying to go North keep heading directly towards the north star. To go west keep Polaris on your right shoulder, east is on your left shoulder and to go south keep the North Star to your back.

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