7 ways to mark a trail

When you are lost or in unfamiliar territory with no marked trails it is important to mark your direction of travel so rescuers can find you. Trailblazing will also help you find your way back. Most of these methods are for emergency use only, so please only do them when really necessary and leave no trace otherwise. The easiest trail markers to trace are the ones that are clearly man made.
This is what a cairn looks like.

1. Broken branch- Break green branches in your direction of travel. This can also be used to mark turns in a trail.
2. Hack marks
into trees- EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Make one gash in the direction you are heading and two on the return side.
3. Ribbon- if you happen to have some ribbon you can tie a small piece to trees as you pass.
4. Arrows- use branches to form an arrow in your direction of travel. Arrows are pretty obvious and don't look natural so this might be your best bet especially if you make them big so they can be seem from the air.
5. Cairn- a cairn is basically a pile of rocks or snow that is clearly man made.
6. Tied grass- If you are by a meadow where the grass is tall tie the tops together as you travel.  
7. Spray paint- A dot of paint is easily distinguished but this should only be done on your own property. Chances are you wont have a can of spray paint with you when you need it anyway so don't count on this one.

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