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How to build a worm shocker

*** use this how to at your own risk if you are not comfortable dealing with electricity or have heart problems do not attempt this***
It's no secret that nightcrawlers are the best all around fishing bait ever. As good as crawlers work no one really wants to pay for them if they can get them for free.
Nightcrawlers can be dug up,
collected after a good rain, or by shocking them out of there holes. Digging then is backbreaking work as they can be up to six feet under and the shovel has a bad habit of hacking them in half. With a worm shocker you don't have to dig just stick it in the ground plug it in and wait for the crawlers to come boiling to the surface. 

Old extension cord
Electrical tape 
Two wire nuts
Tent stake or similar metal rod

How to build it

1. Cut off the female end (the part you plug stuff into) of the extension cord

2. Strip the insulation six inches back on the hot/black wire.

3. Cap the neutral and ground wires and secure them by twisting then wrapping with electrical tape.

4. Tightly wrap the bare hot wire around the metal stake.

5. This is the big one; wrap the stake and  hot wire completely with electrical tape. Once you have the wire completely wrapped wrap it again you want about 3"  of the rod wrapped to insulate otherwise you'll get shocked. 

How to use it
Its pretty simple, push the stake into the ground and plug it in. To make sure you have the right wire attached to the stake pull it up and down and you should feel vibrations. After a few minutes the crawlers will come flying out of their holes. Every 10 minutes collect the crawlers and place the stake somewhere else. This does not actually shock the crawlers they just don't like the vibrations it causes. You can place your hand on the ground by it and should not get shocked.

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