How To Build A Figure Four Dead Fall Trap

Hunting in a survival situation takes a lot of energy whereas traps require very little. Traps are most effective when set along known animal trails. Deadfall traps are very effective but you need to remember to build according to the size of the animal you wish to trap.
Start by finding a nice straight green branch about three feet long. Cut off a small, medium, and large stick from this branch and lay them out to make a number 4.

Score where the notches and angles need to be cut to make the number 4.
Carve the medium size stick for your upright support first. One end should be flat the other end should be cut at an angle. Make the center of it square to keep your center support in place.

The next part to carve is your diagonal support, which will be made from the shortest stick. Cut a wedge about two inches from one end and angle off the opposite end.

The final piece will be made from the longest stick this will become your center support and bait stick. First angle one end of the stick then two inches down or wherever your mark is carve a wedge. Finish up by carving a square notch about four inches up or wherever your mark is and put a bit of peanut butter or other bait on the end of the stick that will be under the rock.

To set this trap place the upright support angle up and set the diagonal support wedge down on top of the upright support. Place your weight on the diagonal support and hold it with one hand.
With the other hand place the center support and allow the trap to lock itself in place. The trap is now set remember to trigger it when you break camp if you have not caught anything.

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