The ultimate lightweight survival kit for summer survival

As a Wisconsin resident I'm no stranger to temperature extremes both hot and cold fortunately when it's hot is the easiest time to survive. Now, like everyone
who visits my blog I have a bug out bag but it weighs a ton and I think it would do more harm than good in the heat. So to avoid the unnecessary weight and dehydration that would follow I have come up with a very good solution. This is my lightweight survival kit and if you can't survive off of just what's here then you have no business in the bush. If you choose to add any items just remember to ask yourself what are three uses for this and does something else in the pack already serve this purpose
. If it doesn't meet the three uses rule don't bring it.
Day pack

2 Mylar blankets
100 ft para cord 

3 bic lighters
1 ferrocium rod or magnesium and ferro
1 altoids container packed with vaseline cotton balls 
1 big box of strike anywhere waterproofed matches

Small pot 
2 big Nalgene bottles attached by a 3-4' length of para cord 
Water purification tablets
Big packet of Gatorade 

Pack of #2 hooks
Pack of sinkers
Small spool of Berkley fire line 

High quality fixed blade
Swedish mora 
Small headlamp

bottle of Tylenol
Bottle of ibuprofen 
Box of Benadryl 
Roll of gauze
Big tube of neosporin 
Needle and thread
Packet of quik clot  
Insect repellent (could also be used for fire starting)
Small notebook and a pencil

Special Thanks to these members of r/survivalist

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