Quantum triax 30 combo

I have always loved Quantum reels for their quality and smoothness. I bought the Quantum Triax 30 expecting the same quality I have always seen in my other reels but I was horribly let down. The reel itself is excellent however the rod
is garbage. At
first I loved fishing this combo it looks sexy and casts smooth then I caught a snag and started to pull to snap my line instead the rod snapped in 4 different spots. In my opinion buy the reel and throw the rod in the garbage and attach an ugly stick rod instead.

Smooth casting and retrieving reel. 
Combo has great looks.

Rod is garbage.

Features and specs
Double-anodized aluminum spool Corrosion-resistant stainless steel bail wire
Continuous Anti-Reverse
Ball Bearings: 7BB + 1
Size: 30
Line weight/Yards: 8 lbs./160 yds Retrieve: Right hand
Weighs: 6 ozs. 
Gear Ratio: 5.2:1

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