Frog hunting

A person could fish for days and have no luck but you can still get food and lots of it from the water. Chances are you hear the frogs every
night so you know the sounds they make. In a survival situation you may be better off eating frogs they are easier to catch than
fish and you don't need bait.
Frogs are most active around sunset. They generally stay by the edge of the water and will freeze if you shine them with a light. They like marshes and swamps but you can find them almost anywhere there is water. 
Now that you have found the frogs the next thing you need is a flashlight or head lamp and a spear. To make the spear find a good straight piece of green wood about 5 feet long and split the tip twice. Jam thin sticks between the splits to spread the tines then proceed to sharpen each tine.
Hunt fogs after sunset where safe to do so. After you have enough speared cook them on a spit. The legs are the best part  of the frog.


  1. Majority of the species are predators. They are sometimes confused with other fishes like electric eels and the spiny eels which resemble with them but are not the members of Anguilliformes. They have elongated body measuring 5 cm like the one-jawed eel to about 3.75 m like the giant

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