7 Extremely Effective Types of Tinder

When building a fire is what's gonna keep you alive you need something to get the fire going with just a few sparks. Tinder is the first part of building a good fire and is defined as anything that readily takes a spark. This is a list of tinder I have used that works great. Tell me what you use in the comments box.

  1. Cotton balls dipped in Vaseline- This is one of the oldest tricks in the outdoorsman book. Coat some cotton balls in petroleum jelly and place them in an altoids tin. When you are ready to use them spread the fibers a bit and spark on top of them. This kind of tinder will burn hot and for a good amount of time.

        2. Birch bark- Birch bark is like paper and is full of highly flammable resin. Getting a spark to catch is simple and fast. Finding this tinder is easy just look for the white tree in in wet areas. Birch bark can be acquired on the go which makes it one of my favorites.

        3. Twine birds nest- In a bug out situation you are probably going to come across a barn at some point and barns are usually full of twine. To make an effective tinder from twine separate the fibers and cup them in your hand. Using two fingers twist the bowl shape in the center of the twine ball. Twine will ignite from the smallest of spark and burst into a hot fast burning ball of fire.

       4. Dryer lint- It may surprise some people just how flammable dryer lint is. This is the cause of
numerous house fires every year. When you empty your lint trap put it in a zip lock bag and keep it in your pack. Dryer lint wont burn long but it will burn hot and ignite easily.

               5. Magnesium shavings- Magnesium shavings can be bought online or you can carry a
compact bar of magnesium. Magnesium burns so hot the flame is white. Scrape the block to  get a nice little pile of shavings and place another type of tinder over it as soon as you ignite it.

          6.Piece of blue jeans- You are probably wearing blue jeans right now. If you are ever in need of tinder cut a piece off the bottom of the leg of your jeans. Separate the fibers at the end of the piece and this will easily ignite.
7. Cattails- Cattails are found in wetlands so its odd that they make excellent tinder. The head of a cattail is full of fluffy tinder and will be one of the few dry things you'll be able to find in wetlands.

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