Top Ten Reasons You Can't Wait For The Zombie Apocalypse

  1. So you can finally say I told ya so
  2. Being rich wont mean shit
  3. No more bills or going to work
  4. No laws to follow
  5. You get to walk around town with your gun
  6. You will finally get to use your bug out gear
  7. That obnoxious person you don't like just might be a zombie that you can "take care of "
  8. Because The Walking Dead makes it look dope as fuck
  9. Free gas as long as you have a hammer and a gas can
  10. You can finally hunt, fish, and camp as much as you want and no one will complain
What are your reasons let me know in the comments box and I'll add them to the list


  1. Cause zombie land makes it look cool

  2. Zombieland is one of the most badass zombie movies ever.