Three stage water filter

If you are in a situation where there is no clean water improvising a water filter is easy. A three stage water filter will strain muddy or dirty water and clear it up. This will not purify the water so boiling will still be necessary.

3 stage water filter
To  construct this sort of filter start off with a tripod for the base and attach three pieces of
cloth to be used for the filters. Fill the highest layer with grass or leaves to filter out big particles. Next fill the middle layer with sand to catch smaller particles and finally fill the bottom layer with charcoal from your fire to remove the bad taste, odor, and other impurities.Be sure to place a catch can under the bottom layer.
To use, pour water in the filter at the top layer and wait for it to strain into your catch can. This is a great method to make muddy or swampy water drinkable just remember to boil after filtering.


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