Survival torches

Out in the bush being able to improvise is what saves you. When you need light on a camping trip you use a flashlight. When you need light in a survival situation you use a torch. Torches have been used for thousands of years and can be improvised easily out of almost any
material you can imagine.
Generally the fuel for a torch consists of animal fat or resin. To make animal fat into oil just cook it at high heat until it liquefies then strain off the top layer. The fastest way to ignite a torch is to place it on your fire.


Torch Designs

Cattail torches burn for an extremely long time, 4-8 hours, and are probably the easiest to make. Find a hollow stick or a piece of bamboo and place a cattail soaked in animal fat inside of it.

Bark Torch
A bark torch burns the resin naturally found in birch or fuel wood placed in the center of it. Tear a big piece of bark from a birch tree and roll it into a tight cone then wrap it with cordage.

Burlap Torch
A burlap torch is just a bunch of twigs wrapped tightly with burlap and secured with cordage. Burlap is treated with kerosene to keep pests out of it so it lights easily.

Toilet Paper Torch
A toilet paper torch will burn for around 20 minutes and is easy to make. Wrap toilet paper around a stick until it resembles an over sized q-tip then soak it in oil.

Pine Resin Torch
A pine resin torch can be made by splitting a stick at the tip enough to hold the ball of hardened resin. Split the stick 6-8 times at the end and put the piece of resin in the center the splits will hold the resin in place.

Cloth Torch
Wrap a straight branch with strips of a t shirt or a rag and dip it in oil or animal fat.

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