Use A Smartphone To Save Your Life

I read a lot of different SHTF websites and blogs and one thing I've noticed is most of them don't say much about a smartphone for survival equipment.
There are numerous ways a smartphone could help you and before anyone says it I know they use batteries, as I'm sure we're all aware. Technology is a wonderful thing that really helps a survivor. Many companies have addressed the problem of a dead battery with solar power so you dont have to worry. A solar charger is ideal because they make flexible ones that roll up and dont weigh very much. So now that the battery thing is out of the way we can commence with the reasoning behind all this.
The main benefit to a smartphone is all the apps available to make your life easy. They have thousands and many of them work without any wifi or cellular service needed. Heres a list of the apps I have and have found to be quite useful.
  • Compass
  • Barometer
  • Thermometer
  • Survival books such as SAS and military survival manuals
  • First aid books
  • Weather alerts if you still have cellular service
  • Star maps are good to have if there's cloud cover and you cant see the north star
  • Entertainment to boost morale or pass the time
  • Camera because its easier to take a picture then to draw it if you discover something and dont want to forget it
  • Maps are downloadable and dont require service to work these may not be as good as gps but at least they might give you an idea of your bearings
  • Even if your service is turned off 911 calls will still go through as long as we still have 911
  • Your phone could be used as a distraction to the enemy by turning on your ringer and throwing it which may give you just enough time to evade in the event of a hostile takeover
  • Great form of low light thats not as bright as a flashlight and not as easy to detect either
  • There are plenty of apps that allow you to keep a journal of your findings and things you dont want to forget.
  • Obviously if we still have a power grid and cellular service a phone is essential for communication
  • Your photo albums on your phone will have plenty of pictures of loved ones to boost morale and keep you fighting one more day
  • They have apps to turn your phone into a hand warmer this is terrible for your battery but if this is a survival situation you could use it
  • Ballistics app
  • emergency services live feed scanner (Police, Fire, EMS)
  • If you forget how to tie or dont know the knot to use in a given situation they have an app for that
Oviously you should never depend on your phone as a substitute for any real tool in your bug out bag or the knowledge and skills any survivor should have. When you get lost or have to bug out your mind may slip and you may forget things, this is where the smartphone will come in handy and it's a hell of a lot easier to look at a picture of a plant that may be edible than eat it and get sick because your mind slipped.

Griffin makes a fantastic mil spec case for the iPhone that is extremly durable and water resistant. I'm a grinder on the 30" grinder at a foundry and my phone is always in my pocket so if this case can take that kind of abuse it can take a survival situation.
I would like to give you a top 10 list but I haven't tested that many yet so here's the apps I put on my iPhone that should come in handy.

  1. Columbia What Knot
  2. Compass
  3. SAS survival
  4. Survival guide
  5. Trapster 5.0
  6. EM Radio Force
  7. Flashlight
  8. Ballistic App
  9. Garmin tracker
  10. USMC Survival Manual
All of these apps are free so check them out ,someday they might save your life.

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