How to make a solar still

A solar still is an easy way to procure water. Building one only takes a few minutes and if you set up several you will have a plenty of water to keep you alive.
A solar still works on the principles of evaporation and condensation. The air inside the still is heated by the sun then the moisture makes its way into the air and finally it hits the cooler plastic and forms condensation which in turn drips into the container at the bottom.
Building a solar still
  1. Start by digging a hole about one foot deep and three feet in diameter
  2. Pour seawater, urine, or place green plants in the bottom
  3. Set a cup or similar container in the center of the hole
  4. Cover the hole with a piece of plastic
  5. Seal the plastic by putting weight on the edges
  6. Place a small rock in the center above the cup
  7. Within 24 hours you will have a decent amount of purified water
A solar still will desalinate and purify urine or seawater and allow you to extract all the moisture from plants. The amount of time it takes for the still to create water is the reason you will want to set up as many as you can. This is considered a renewable water source and will keep you alive as long as you continue to refill it.

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