How To Build A Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit is essential to your well being and health in a survival situation. Injuries can and will occur when disaster strikes and infection
is more likely if you dont treat the injury. A survivor should avoid the temptation to buy a pre manufactured first aid kit, it may be missing items and contain items you dont need. In order to use your first aid kit you first need to know what it contains and what to do with it. By making your own first aid kit you can keep the weight down and be sure you have everything you need.
The type of case you select for your first aid kit will be dependent upon where you will keep it. If it is going to be in your bug out bag a soft sided case is recommended to save weight and make packing easier. If you are stationary and plan to bug in then a hard case should be fine.
The first aid kit you use for survival does not need to be overly elaborate. You're not going to stop and pull out your first aid kit for every paper cut so maybe keep a few Band aids on hand for deeper cuts. A good first aid kit need only contain steristrips, adhesive tape, non stick pads, 4x4 gauze, gauze rolls, burn cream, neosporin, eye wash, tweezers, small scissors, and gloves.
There are a few other items to include I have all of the items needed to build a first aid kit on a checklist here.

First Aid Checklist
  • (25) Band aids various sizes
  • (2) 5x9 compress dressings
  • (12) 4x4 pads
  • (12) 2x2 pads
  • (2) Triangular bandages
  • (2) Ace bandages
  • (1) piece 4x4 moleskin
  • (2) rolls of 3" roller gauze
  • (2) rolls of 4" roller gauze
  • (4) packs 1/4"x 3" steri strips
  • (1) roll 1/2" medical tape
  • (1) roll 1" medical tape
  • (1)full size tube of Neosporin
  • (1) full size tube of burn cream
  • (2) ice packs
  • (1) small bottle of eyewash
  • (20) Tylenol
  • (20) Ibuprofen
  • (20) Benedryl
  • (20) Pepto Tablets
  • (1 week) worth of perscription meds you take
  • (1) glow stick or small flashlight
  • (1) small sewing kit
  • tweezers
  • EMT scissors
  • (1) chapstick
  • Quik clot


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  2. Hey this is really cool!! I think the ideas you've given are awesome and it's kind of inspiring me to have an emergency bag myself. My mom has been keeping a 72 hour kit and I've started to feel it's really important to have one myself especially after reading your blog. Thanks a lot.


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