Which Is Better For Survival .22 vs 12 Gauge Shotgun

As long as people have been tossing around the idea of an eventual apocalypse there has been a huge debate about what one fire arm you would carry. The reality is, to truly be prepared you can't just have one, with this knowledge I will not compare
but point out the good and bad of a .22 rifle and a shotgun.
A .22 rifle is a solid reliable firearm that is accurate and can be had for a reasonable price. Probably the most important advantage of a .22 is the cost associated with the ammo and the rifle itself. This is an excellent rifle for small game and can shoot much farther than buckshot. It is light weight, quieter than a shotgun, and has virtually no recoil which makes it ideal for small game.
A shotgun is a very intimidating thing to be on the wrong side of. The stopping power of a 12 gauge is devastating and it is easier to hit moving targets with a shotgun than a .22. Ammunition for a shotgun is heavy and expensive compared to a .22 however you get more stopping power for your money. A shotgun's heavy weight make it better for a bug in.
Having both a .22 and a shotgun opens you up to a new world of opportunity. You can use the .22 to take game at a distance and the shotgun for defense or get slugs and use it for large game.


  1. Both is truly the way to go might be nice to have a pistol as well

  2. Pistols are great for close quarters but are a little harder to aquire because of the cc class

  3. The old man has a 22/410 under-over. I know 410 ammo isn't as common as 12 gauge but the combination of rifle/shotgun in one weapon is awesome

  4. That's cool saves a bit of weight over carrying both