22 Reasons You Need Duct Tape In Your Survival Kit

Duct tape is great stuff it is even more useful than garbage bags. They invented duct tape during World War 2 as a way to seal ammo cans. An old saying my Dad used to tell me "If you can't duck it fuck it." This saying has been useful on many occasions.
  1. Twist it to make some cordage or a clothesline
  2. If you have duct tape you dont need to be as good at tying knots
  3. Make a belt by running it through your belt loops and then sticking it together
  4. Combine duct tape and garbage bags for a sleeping bag or a tent your mind is the limit
  5. Seal up a drafty door or window in your bug out cabin
  6. Can be used in place of a ratchet strap
  7. Wad up a piece and use it for a fire starter
  8. Tape your knife to a pole and use it as a spear
  9. Fix a crack in plastic or glass such as a Nalgene bottle or a window
  10. Make arrow fletchings
  11. Patch A hole in your tent, canoe, shoes, clothes, rain gear, or whatever else might get a hole in
  12. Excellent method of restraint
  13. Mark your route by sticking small pieces to trees
  14. Write a waterproof note with a Sharpie
  15. Can be used to temporarily repairs leaky hoses on your bug out vehicle
  16. Fix a broken fishing rod or tent pole
  17. Make a sheath for your knife
  18. A solution to a broken zipper
  19. Make a splint with duct tape and sticks
  20. The best bandage in the world is a napkin wrapped with duct tape
  21. Help blisters heal faster and alleviate some of the irratation with a piece of gauze and a strip of duct tape
  22. Wrap a sprained ankle 

If you have duct tape in your bug out bag you are well on your way to surviving, it is cheap and its uses are endless. Do you have any more uses I didn't list here please share them in the comments box.

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