My EDC Survival Kit

Field and Stream magazine is always doing features on altoids tin survival kits but lets face facts most of us would not carry it unless we were going into the woods.

The number one most important thing to have on you is a quality knife. I always have a kershaw lock back in my right pants pocket.
Next, I smoke so I always have a bic lighter or zippo on my person and as we all know fire is essential for
boosting morale, warmth, water purification, cooking, and countless other things.
In my left pocket are my keys which have a button compass and a small firesteel wrapped with paracord attached to them. My Maglite XL50 is in my right pocket no matter what because you never know when you'll need a light. I have a cell phone in my back pocket and even though it is not essential to me it would make things a lot easier if I got lost or needed help. My belt is the spot where my Leatherman is always riding shotgun, ready for any task.
My wallet contains a utility knife blade, a few bandaids, an unlubricated condom for water, and a matchbook. All of the most basic essentials are on my person at all times. While this may not work for some I have found it is much easier than remembering a bulky altoids tin that is more than likely only going to contain smaller, easily broken, and harder to use versions of most of my pocket survival gear.

Breakdown of Items

Right pocket
  • Kershaw lock back
  • Bic or Zippo Lighter
  • Maglite XL50
Left pocket keychain
  • firesteel
  • button compass
  • around 5ft of 550 paracord
Left Back Pocket
Right Back Pocket (Wallet)
  • unlubricated condom for water storage
  • Bandaids
  • Utility Knife blade
  • Leatherman

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