Review For Maglite XL50 LED

About a year ago I bought my second XL50 Maglite, I lost the first, and decided to do a long term review. After a year of use the XL50 is still working great.
Batteries seem to last forever in this flashlight and it is extremely durable. The beam is super bright
and the strobe feature definitely causes a stir. The tailcap switch is nice except if you have thick gloves on, but i am willing to overlook that. All of the abuse I have put this little light through and it is still kicking. The abuse im referring to is extreme heat in the summer, going smimming with it a few times, winter survival, being jammed into the wall of an igloo, getting thrown around in my truck, staying in my truck for weeks in below zero temps, the list goes on and on you name it I probably put this light through it. I'm very satisfied with this light and feel it is worth every penny.

Product Features
  • Beam distance- 145 meters
  • Battery- 3 AAA cell
  • Lens- plastic
  • Bulb- LED
  • Length- 4.8"
  • Weight with batteries - 4oz
  • Modes-Hi, Low, Strobe
  • 104 Lumens
  • 36 hour battery life on low
  • 9 hour battery life on high
  • 10 year warranty
  • Construction- Aluminum body
  • On/off switch- Tailcap
  • Price- $32.00
Pros- Super Bright,reasonable price, durable, warranty, perfect size
Cons- Hard to turn on and off with gloves on

Longer Term Review
After 3 years I recently retired the old maglight. It was a decent little light. I wont be buying another one though. For whatever reason the battery terminal contacts corrode and need to be cleaned every few months. The aluminum body is kinda thin. I ended up denting mine in so bad I can barely get the battery holder in and out. I'm not sure how I did it but I will assume it was while working on my truck. I replaced my mag light with another coast. I'd give this light 3.5/5

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