What to do the first 72hours

In the event you are ever lost and actually trying to be found generally speaking search and rescue will find you within 72 hours of being reported missing. To increase your chances there are things that you should do.
Day 1
You will probably get lost towards the end of the day when its getting dark and hard to see at this point woodshock kicks in. You may begin to panic and become disoriented STOP, this is where you have to calm yourself don't panic just relax.
The next thing yourmind is going to do is go from confused to complete denial. Your mind will start to bend where you actually are to where you think you are. Ignore this stay put and stay calm. If you can see this happening you can somewhat control it. Now is the time to set up a base camp. Walk out in a couple different directions to try to get your bearings if unsuccessful set up base camp. Set up a simple shelter and gather firewood before it gets dark. Build a fire and get ready for a very long night. Even though you may be lost at least you stopped and set up camp before hypothermia set in, you should take comfort in this.
Day 2
Now that you've made it through your first night you have to set up beacons to let SAR see you. Start by finding a clear opening and set up three fires, gather a bunch of green branches to throw on the fire for a smoke signal. The second thing to do this morning is set up an SOS signal made from logs with letters that are at least 10 feet tall. Lay out a blaze orange vest or other brightly colored or reflective material right in front of it. Work on improving your shelter and your bed, this will keep your mind occupied and keep the negative thoughts at bay. Be sure that you are staying hydrated you definitely do not want to become dehydrated.
By nightfall you should once again be by your fire getting nice and toasty. Tonight should be easier than the first night.
Day 3
By morning you will begin to think help is no longer coming just keep focusing on signaling, improving your shelter, boiling water, maintain your fires, and gather fuel. The big thing is keep improving your camp this will ensure your survival. Begin to plan for the next day. If help does not arrive by the afternoon of the fourth day you should consider setting out again and setting up a new camp. Just remember the last option Is moving camp. Try to be patient and let the experts do their job in finding you.

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