Simple Way To Sharpen A Knife

Learning the proper way to sharpen a knife is an important skill for the survivor and the outdoorsman. I dull knife is much more dangerous than a sharp one.
Step 1- lock the rough side of your sharpening stone in a vice
Step 2- place two coins under the knife blade ( don't sharpen with the coins under the blade)
Step 3- use the coins to judge the angle to sharpen at
Step 4- make 30 passes across the stone for each side of the cutting edge like your cutting layers of the stone
Step 5- flip the stone to the fine side
Step 6- make 30-100 passes for each side of the cutting edge on the fine side of your stone
Inspect the blade of your knife under a bright light you should not see any bright spots on the cutting edge of the blade. A shiny blade edge is a dull blade continue to sharpen until the blade is done

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