Cold weather survival

One of the most challenging things a survivor faces is the cold. Few things can cause you to lose your will to survive as fast as the cold. There have been many cases of the best prepared perishing in the cold and the less prepared surviving because they were able to overcome the instinct to give up.
When you know you will be faced with cold it is extremely important to cover all exposed skin and wear layers its easier to take off an article of clothing than to not have it. Hats are also important because you lose most of your heat through your head.
Another thing to be mindful of is stay dry. Brush off any snow on yourself before going into a heated place, change your socks as necessary, and avoid going in water. Being wet promotes hypothermia in temps as high as 50 f and the colder it is the lowered your chance of survival. If you do fall in water and get soaked through all of your layers strip them off and rub powdery snow on your bare skin to sponge the water up and dry off. Get to your shelter immediately and change into dry clothes. Sit by the fire and drink warm water.
Start a fire to keep warm and be sure to drink plenty of water. Water is just as important in the cold as it is in the heat. Sunburn can also occur regardless of the outside temp.
Obviously fire and shelter will be your two main priorities for cold weather survival. You need shelter to block the wind and fire to dry clothes, boil snow for drinking water, and stay warm.

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