What lighter to pick for your BOB

There has always been some debate about the best lighter to have in your bug out bag for any given survival situation. In this side by side comparison I will explain, based on my experience, the pros and cons of zippo style, refillable butane jet lighters, and disposable lighters.

Zippo- $10-40
Pros; long lasting, big flame, good wind resistance, reusable, durable, plenty of extra parts including flints, wicks, and fluid, lifetime warranty, will light even when cold
Cons; somewhat pricey, can be a bit finicky once several years old, have to be refilled weekly, not 100% windproof

Refillable Butane jet- $5-80+
Pros; extremely hot flame, virtually wind proof, will light in the rain, piezo ignition, no flints or wicks to replace
Cons; Butane lighters do not like the cold because butane does not vaporize well in the cold, expensive, if the lighter gets wet the batteries will usually go bad, butane is pricey

Disposable lighters- $1-2
A brief side note there are only two kinds of disposables BICs and cheap pieces of shit
Pros; cheap, reliable as long as it is a BIC, disposable, no need to replace anything, cheap enough to put one in every pocket of your BOB
Cons; butane does not like the cold, plastic is easily broken, once they're used up they are garbage, small flame
At the end of the day whichever lighter you choose will be better than none at all. I have several Bics and a zippo with flints and fluid in my BOB and a zippo in my pants pocket at all times.


  1. A few months ago, I bought windmill delta stormproof lighter. However, I recently broke it when out camping. So, I am planning to buy a new one. This is a great guide, I will buy the Zippo. It’s affordable, resourceful, and reliable. I will recommend this guide to a friend of mine. You can also check out other models here: http://wildernessmastery.com/survival/best-survival-lighter.html