Homemade 100 hour emergency candles

1/2 pint Mason jars and lids
Lantern wicks
Liquid paraffin
Pretty self explanitory pour liquid pariffin in the jars, fold the wick in half, pop a hole in the lid, pull the wick through the lid, done.
I feel these are a better alternative to commercially available 100 hour candles because they burn brighter and last longer. The ones you buy are made of plastic and can be knocked over because they are too lightweight. These ones are heavier and harder to knock over. Cost- $2.50 ea


  1. What is the best way to control the flame? I tried this out and my flame burned well for awhile, but eventually spread over the lid. Any ideas?

  2. If the wick is pulled up too far this can be an issue. Try using a shorter wick. Thanks for your question